We are a young company, with very qualified personnel and with a high degree of experience in the manufacture and distribution of remote control solutions for industrial (fixed and mobile) applications.

After the constant technological advances and the increasing requirements of the current market, our equipment of research and development is employed day after day at the development of new products, offering you every time equipments with more performance and  maximum quality, and always maintaining the interest in the productivity of your business.

Our experience in the sector, added to a high technological capacity, allows us to be able to offer you a fast solution  adapted to your projects.

In Dm control, we have one main goal, to be the first company in the sector, for what we have highly bet in the development of new products, as well as  for the after-sales service. For us our major priority is the satisfaction of our clients, since they are the only ones that can measure and evaluate the quality of our products, helping us to reach the proposed goals of consumer service and satisfaction, being always necessary to raise new goals so as someone he said: " the competition does not give truce ".




"The men do not live united because yes, but to attack united big companies"

- José Ortega y Gasset